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Fandom, n.: The social, experiential, and creative communities that emerge from fans.


What is the Fandom Fund?

The Fandom Fund comprises $10 million USD, a wealth of industry experience, and a robust network — all dedicated to investing in fandom­-focused events, conventions, and brands in the USA. It is managed by Power Level Productions.

Why does the Fandom Fund exist?

Fans of all stripes have nearly unfettered access to more quality content, at less social and financial cost, than at any other point in history — and they want to share their love of this content with others.

The Fund provides investment, mentorship, and support with one simple goal: to sustainably build brands, events, and ideas that celebrate fans and content in innovative ways.


Launch Partners

We provide not only capital, but a community of professionals and service providers to Fandom Fund recipients. If you are interested in becoming part of our network, contact us.

Contact the Fandom Fund

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